Integrated Preparatory Classes

ENSIP-CPI-ecole-chimie5 schools of the Fédération Gay-Lussac offer a specific entry path via their Integrated Preparatory Classes (CPI).

These classes, which exist now for more than 25 years in the towns of Rennes and Lille, provide training programmes which are clearly more oriented towards chemistry. Three new classes opened in Clermont-Ferrand in 2008, in Strasbourg en 2011 and in Pau in 2013, completing this specific recruiting system.


Why choose an integrated preparatory class?

The Preparatory Cycles of the Federation Gay-Lussac offer you:

  • An engineering diploma in 5 years: 2 years in one of the five centres (Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes, Strasbourg) or in 3 years in one of the 20 schools of the FGL, integrated into the competitive examination, under continuous assessment,
  • An excellent preparation for entry into the engineering schools for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering based both on personal, group and supervised work,
  • A window on the world by the practice of 2 foreign languages, of non-scientific disciplines and strong encouragement for personal mobility,
  • A springboard into industrial sectors looking for the skills of an engineer chemist or a chemical engineer,
  • A multi-cultural education in an international class.

The recruitment consists of a selection of dossiers on the basis of results obtained in the last two years of high school in physical sciences, mathematics and a first modern language. The marks in the French Language exams (taken one year before the Baccalaureate ) are also taken into account.

You can enroll online via the portal provided : Parcoursup (Concours commun « CPI – Chimie Gay-Lussac »)

Students can simultaneous apply to Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes and Strasbourg by completing an application form and choosing a number from 1 to 5 for each CPI centre in their list of choices.

Admissible candidates in the second year of engineering school preparatory classes (CPGE) can, under certain circumstances, be admitted into the second year of the Federation Gay-Lussac preparatory classes. You can obtain the terms and conditions from the chosen education centre.

The studies

The courses for each of the two years of the preparatory cycles run from September to June. The weekly course load is about thirty hours distributed between 2/3 of scientific teaching and 1/3 of non-scientific teaching.

A solid scientific education

The level of requirement is that of engineering school preparatory classes (option PhysChem)

  • Chemistry - Diversified chemistry teaching which is based in a large degree on experimental training: a balanced distribution between theoretical courses and lab classes for in-depth and applied work.
  • Physics-Mathematics - Computer Science - Theoretical teaching adapted to the requirements of the engineering cycle teaching. Acquisition of basic computing skills.
  • International and humanities courses
  • 2 foreign languages are compulsory - English and German or Spanish. Possibility to study in another language such as Italian, Chinese etc. depending upon the centre.
    Depending upon the centre, the courses in general culture, communication, ethics, economics and the industrial internship are offered in the integrated preparatory classes.
Entry into the engineering cycle

The evaluation of students is based solely on continuous assessment. The entry into the 2nd year of the integrated preparatory classes and into the engineering cycle are determined by a marks committee.

No repeating of a year is authorised.

At the end of the second year of integrated preparatory classes, the allocation of students to the schools of the federation is done by a marks committee comprised of the heads of the schools. The allocation depends upon the number of places offered by each school, of the final ranking of the student following inter-ranking of all the students from the different centres and of the list of preferences which they will have established.

The total number of places in the State-Run Schools is more or less equal to the number of students admitted into the engineering cycle.

Chem.I.St, the international integrated preparatory class programme

The preparatory classes of the Federation Gay-Lussac are open to students having obtained the equivalent of the Baccalaureate (BAC), abroad. This programme, called Chem.I.St (Chemistry International Studies), brings together young person from around the world, holding the equivalent of the BAC.

This melting pot of languages and of cultures gives the programme a great originality, and the students, a real international culture. Apart from the scientific disciplines, depending upon the training site chosen, international students will be offered linguistic reinforcement courses, an international vision and special tutoring for personalised support.

CITI access-to-engineering scheme

Students who have successfully completed an STL-SPCL Baccalauréat (Laboratory Sciences and Technology stream, with a special focus on physical and chemistry laboratory sciences) can now apply for a 2-year programme at FGL in Rennes.


30 places are available, and students are recruited at national level via the Parcoursup platform. To demonstrate their eligibility for this demanding programme, students are required to submit an electronic application and attend a recruitment interview with a panel of representatives from ENSCR (Rennes).


Centre de Clermont-Ferrand
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Centre de Lille
03 20 43 41 24 /

Centre de Pau
05 59 40 74 00 /

Centre de Rennes
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Centre de Strasbourg
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