Jobs in Chemistry

enscmu-tp©Gisèle JACTAT – GCEMOTIONS.comChemistry is really at the heart of the jobs of tomorrow as the activities of engineer chemists flow through all the branches of the economy: research, development, services, industry, commerce… diverse sectors which represent real breeding grounds for employment.

On entering the world of chemistry, you will discover this wonderful science at the core of materials and an industry which, more than any other, calls for a wide range of profiles and skills.

From research to industrial development, during their training, the engineer chemist or the chemical engineer will acquire the skills necessary for mastering the physical, chemical or biological processing of materials.

With such a versatile profile, they become the key links in the chain of innovation and technological progress, from the life sciences to environmental protection.

Sport, fashion, construction, transport, nutrition, heath-care, cosmetics, we invite you to discover the jobs in chemistry, their great variety and especially their impact in our daily lives.