Useful websites

Here are several internet sites which will help you to go further in better understanding the jobs available in chemistry and the activities of the chemical industries as well as how to build your professional career.

All there is to know about jobs in chemistry

The Union des Industries Chimiques (Union of Chemical Industries), member of the Federation Gay-Lussac, in partnership with the national ministry of education and the ministry of higher education and research, have created a website to help college, high school, students and their families to better understand the chemical industry sector and its jobs through testimonials from professionals.

Discover chemistry from another angle

What part does chemistry play in our daily lives? The Generation C video from the Union des industries chimiques, responds to this question in the form of a playful infographic.

Go further and build your career

The website of the Observatoire des industries chimiques offers a directory of jobs and a directory of certifications.


A website which makes available a veritable mine of theme based resources (quality of life, health-care, well-being, energy and resource economies, history of chemistry, etc.).