International Classes – Chem.I.St


The classes of the programme Chem.I.St (Chemistry International Studies) programme are international classes which receive French scientific holders of the baccalaureate and students from all over the world holding secondary education final year diplomas.

This allows them to acquire:

The assets of the programme

>> The Chem.I.St programme is at the heart of the French tradition of training engineers, a model which for more than 200 years has produced high level executives in the service of industry.

>> Chem.I.St is a 5 year higher education programme responding to the international vision of the engineering profession.

  • 2 years of preparatory cycle in Clermont Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes or Strasbourg.
  • Then 3 years in one of the schools of the Federation offering multiple possibilities for training and industrial experience abroad (internships in companies/ sandwich programmes, double degree possible: engineering diploma/Master of Science).

>> International recognition of degrees obtained guaranteeing the best chances for professional insertion.

>> An access route to doctoral training to obtain a PhD.

The studies: 5 centres to choose from

2 years of preparatory cycle are offered in Clermont Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes or Strasbourg.
The teaching of each of the two first years of the Chem.I.St programme run from September to June. The weekly course load is thirty hours, spread over 2/3 of scientific courses and 1/3 on non-scientific courses.

A solid scientific foundation
  • Chemistry-Physics: a theoretical and experimental approach with a balanced sharing between courses, tutorials and lab courses.
  • Mathematics - Computer Science: acquiring basic tools.
An international education with reinforced humanities

>>2 foreign languages compulsory

  • Clermont-Ferrand: English and German, Spanish or Chinese (initiation)
  • Lille: French as a foreign language, English, German or Spanish
  • Pau: English and Spanish
  • Rennes: English and German or Spanish
  • Strasbourg: French as a foreign language, English, German or Spanish

In Lille or Pau: one month internship between the first and second year

Summer School

To give foreign students the best chance to succeed in the Chem.I.St programme, an intensive session in French called the “French as a Foreign Language Summer School” and an upgrade in the scientific discipline are offered.


Young people preparing their diplomas required for entry into higher education in their country of origin or having obtained them within less than one year at the tie of submission or their application dossier, can be applicants for the Chem.I.St. programme.

The recruitment comprises aselection of applications based on the applicant’s scientific and linguistic level (French) and, if need be, an interview to determine their motivation.

Direct admission into the 2nd year of the Chem.I. St cycle is possible in certain cases.


Centre de Clermont-Ferrand
04 73 40 74 81 /

Centre de Lille
03 74 95 14 03 /

Centre de Pau
05 59 40 74 00 /

Centre de Rennes
02 23 23 80 05/

Centre de Strasbourg
03 68 85 27 93 /


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