International activities of the Federation


If you wish to pursue some of your scolarity abroad, the schools can offer you numerous opportunities: double diplomas, partnerships with foreign universities, academic exchanges, ERASMUS stays. We invite you to consult the websites of the schools.

Apart from these programmes, specific to each school, the Federation Gay-Lussac has the vocation to pool these resources to favour international opportunities even more. Specific actions are led in order to cement partnerships with foreign establishments and to develop student mobility

This, the Federation has created an international cycle of studies – the Chem.I.St programme (Chemistry International Studies)– offered in 5 of its schools.  Specifically designed for students from the entire world, each year it welcomes xx students.

In 2009, the Federation Gay-Lussac has also launched a partnership programme with the East China University of Sciences and Technology (ECUST) of Shanghai and develops new partnerships in Central Europe, in Brazil and in Sub-Saharan Africa.