A new brand identity for the Federation

With a new logo, internet site and brochures, the Federation Gay-Lussac wanted to redefine the values that unite the 20 graduate schools and help rethink the tools in an eco-responsible approach focused on the practices of everyone.    

A new logo that embodies the values of the Federation:

  • Our logo was chosen in the spirit of being dynamic and combining innovation, exploration and adaptability.
  • The shapes recall elements related to chemistry and, on a wider scale, expertise, science and research.
  • The logo’s rounded silhouette is a symbol of cohesion, dissemination and cooperation between our 20 graduate schools.
  • The logo represents unity of the different actors around a common project, moving forward together in the same direction of openness and diversity.

Exploring tomorrow’s world! Welcome to the new Federation Gay-Lussac internet site in its English version!

  • An eco-designed site
  • Designed to accompany all those who wish to enter graduate engineering schools in order to study chemistry and process engineering
  • A gateway to the 20 schools in the Federation Gay-Lussac network
  • Access to our media enabling chemistry to be accessible to all: videos, podcasts and newsletter

Simpler brochures meeting new communication requirements:

  • Fewer pages
  • Fewer copies
  • The use of a QR Code to easily connect to our internet site
  • Lighter colors in the inside pages to minimize the use of ink