Consortium ERASMUS +

A consortium ERASMUS + to promote international mobility among engineers.

By joining forces in this way, the partner schools of the consortium ERASMUS + are able to raise their international profile with laboratories and companies in member and partner countries of the Erasmus+ programme, enabling them to promote their students more effectively for traineeships from 2 to 6 months.

9 institutions in the FGL have joined forces to form an Erasmus+ consortium for the integrated
management of international mobility grants for their students.

Led by ENSCM the consortium also includes :

Created for the first time in 2014, the consortium was renewed in 2021 until 2027.

The consortium provides each partner with a forum for pooling experience, discussion and strategic thinking on international relations. Thanks to a decentralised organisation, all the partner schools are able to run workshops on both the analysis of statistics relating to the ways in which students carry out work placements (geographical destinations, sectors of activity, types of positions held, etc.) and on aspects at the heart of our students’ concerns, such as the environmental impact of mobility, the development of new digital tools, fair access to mobility or the perception of a European identity.

Some figures (2022/2023):

  • 9 partner schools of chemistry
  • 356 supported traineeships
  • 29 countries (top 5 : Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands))
  • 186 host organisations (including 58% of university laboratories)

In all fields of chemistry : materials, cosmetics, environment, energy, processes, food…