The Federation

1.DecouvrirThe Federation Gay-Lussac (FGL), which exists since 1994, is the oldest theme based network in the world of Engineering Schools. It offers the 20 schools which constitute the FGL, better visibility and allows them to pursue concrete actions which provide a real advantage for training engineers.

These schools unify their efforts and share their means in order:

Accurate information and orientation advice

The Federation Gay-Lussac allows all its member schools to get to know each other. This element is very important during orientation and prospection phases. It allows proper information to be provided, so that the choice of school corresponds best to the professional project and the personal aspirations of each student.

Common Integrated Preparatory Classes (CPIs)

The CPI Gay-Lussac (in Rennes, Lille, Pau, Strasbourg or Clermont-Ferrand), or the CHEMistry International Studies (Chem.I.St), at the level of the Baccalaureate, are specifically conceived  for the student, after 2 years of preparatory classes, to enter one of the 20 schools of the Fédération, based on continuous evaluation.

Modular programmes

Permanent thought is given to the education and the prospects for students: surveys are performed to follow-up on the professional insertion of their graduates. Close relations with the world of business allow innovative scientific and technical teaching to be offered.

It is also possible to follow the last year of the engineering programme at another of the Federation’s schools, if the desired specialisation is not offered in the school of origin.


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