International Integrated Preparatory Classes – Chem.I.St

Chem.I.St , the international integrated preparatory class of the Federation Gay-Lussac

The classes of the program Chem.I.St (Chemistry International Studies) are international classes which receive French scientific holders of the baccalaureate and students from all over the world holding secondary education final year diplomas.

This allows them to acquire:

  • a solid scientific education
  • a European and International opening in a multi-cultural context
  • a capacity for autonomy and adaptation
  • an early awareness of jobs in Chemistry and in the world of companies
  • the French title of Graduate Engineer with a Master’s degree

The advantages of this course

>> The Chem.I.St program corresponds to the excellent French tradition of training chemical engineers, a model followed for over 200 years and producing high-level chemists and chemical engineers for industry.

>> Chem.I.St is a 5-year program of high-level studies (after high school) and was developed in response to the needs for engineers capable of working internationally:

  • 2 years in preparatory classes in Clermont Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes or Strasbourg.
  • Then, 3 years in one of the graduate schools in the Federation offering multiple courses and industrial experience in another country (internships in companies, work-study programs, possibility of doing a double diploma: engineering diploma / Master of Science).

>> International recognition of the diplomas guaranteeing the best chances for a professional career.

>> Access to further studies to obtain a doctorate (PhD).

Academic content

The first two years in the Chem.I.St program are both from September to June. There are 30 hours of studies per week where 2/3 is scientific teaching and 1/3 non-scientific courses.

>> Scientific teaching:

  • Chemistry – Physics: a theoretical and experimental approach with a balanced distribution between lectures, tutorials and practical sessions.
  • Mathematics – computing: acquisition of the basic tools.

>> 2 obligatory foreign languages:

  • Clermont-Ferrand : English and German, Spanish or Chinese (initiation)
  • Lille : French as a foreign language, English and German or Spanish
  • Pau : English and Spanish
  • Rennes : English and German or Spanish
  • Strasbourg : French as a foreign language, English and German or Spanish

>> Understanding the world today:

Understanding the important international geo-economic and geopolitical questions in today’s world, as well as in ethics.

>> Internship

In Lille and Pau, there is a one-month internship between the first and second year.

Summer School

To give the foreign students the best possible chance of success in the Chem.I.St program, there is an intensive session in French called “Summer School – French as a foreign language”. It is also possible to review/revise the scientific disciplines to be at the same level as the students educated in France.


1. Selection based on a dossier: results obtained in physical sciences, mathematics and the first foreign language, and ability in French (minimum B1).

2. When the dossier is accepted, the candidate is invited for a 20-minute motivation interview by telephone or videoconference between mid-April and mid-May.

The inscriptions are made directly on Parcoursup (Concours commun « CPI – Chimie Gay-Lussac »). Students can apply to between 1 and 5 graduate schools (from Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Pau, Rennes and Strasbourg). Whatever the number of CPI (integrated preparatory class) applications, there is only one online application to prepare and only one interview if the candidate is admissible.

Admission directly into the 2nd year of the Chem.I.St program is also possible in certain cases.


Centre de Clermont-Ferrand
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Centre de Pau
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