Laurence FAVIER

Patent engineer

My career

As a student at CPE Lyon with an Organic Chemistry speciality, I spent my last 2 years of study in England: one gap year where I did research in a pharmaceutical company and an exchange year in the framework of the Erasmus programme. I then began my professional career in England as an Engineer chemist with Novartis. After more than 2 years in this pharmaceutical company, returning to France, I wished to acquire other skills and to distance myself from research while staying in an international context and in the world of pharmacy. I launched myself into the field on Intellectual property (IP), a world which I did not know. I occupied a position of technical sales representative at INPI*, for the distribution of a pharmaceutical patent database. At the European level, I trained chemists in the use of search software. I also took care of Customer Service and software development. After 4 and an half years, I decided to become more involved the field of IP: I took a  position as Patent Engineer.

My profession

I work for AREVA NP, within an IP cell for the Nuclear Fuel “Business Unit” (5200 persons installed mainly in 3 countries: France, Germany and the USA). I contribute to the identification of inventions and technical follow-up of patent applications. I perform searches of the prior art in the framework of studies of patentability and freedom of use. I participate in a technology watch and I produce patent portfolio summaries. This is a multi-faceted position where there are daily discussions, in English, with inventors and patent consulting offices.

In brief

At the end of my studies, I would never have imagined that 10 years later, I would be a Patent Engineer. Thanks to my diploma and my experience, I found a profession which interests me and which I find very enriching: I deepen my technical and legal knowledge every day. In the near future, I shall surely go for a CEIPI diploma* to complete my education and thus take on more responsibilities.

* Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (National Institute for Patent Protection)

* Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (Centre for International Studies on Intellectual Property)